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Tall Boot Hunt and my recommendations

Posted by on 11/04/2014

I have to say that when I bought my first pair of Tattini boots, I wasn’t pleased when the leather broke after 3 months. I have since learnt that it was due to my leg never being steady… since I started using my leg, the boots didn’t get any worse for wear (had them fixed, or rather it since it was only one boot) and I’ve had them for 2½ years and ridden many a ride in them. Bought them for €250 on sale, marked down from €290.

I bought a pair of Mark Todd boots from the UK to have an extra pair, that was 1½ years ago. The boots were advertised (still are) as being lined with “aniline leather” which is supposed to be a soft, undyed and thin leather. In this case, they were lined with plastic. The supplier refused to take them back, saying “you cannot prove that is the pair you bought”. No, obviously not. I could have bought another pair of Mark Todd boots and tried to return them but… never mind. Those are really good looking boots and for £120, what did I expect? But they are in a state where they can no longer be worn because the plastic lining has fallen to pieces.

I love my Tattini boots but of course, they were already damaged before I started sitting properly so I needed another pair. I got my calves measured and ordered HKM boots called “Spain”. According to the chart, I was a perfect fit for “short” and normal calf. Well, the actual foot is narrow but long for me and the calf… well I could swim in them, they are so wide for me! I can fit two hands in them at the top… and since they are long in the foot, my heels slip up and the boot just walzes around my boot and leaves blisters. NOTE: the boots are good. Everyone else who bought same make are really happy with them, it is just the fit which doesn’t work for me and the other two slender ladies who tried them could not even close the zip! Summary: I have skinny calves and HKM’s foot mould isn’t good for me so not trying a narrower calf fit. Those retail at €169.

My final decision was to go with what I know fits since I refuse to buy another fake leather pair and I have a pair of HKM boots, used twice and not even noticably so, which I haven’t found a buyer for and if I keep buying boots to test I may end up with a collection of “worn once or twice” and it just doesn’t seem intelligent.

I found a website selling Tattini boots and got their help to work out which ones I have. I then checked Tattini in Italy just to see the price – it turned out they had a special price so I contacted them but they didn’t respond. I asked at PM Farrugia, they tried to help me but in the end, Tattini said they stopped manufacturing this boot! Nooooooo!

So I contacted the site I had first been in touch with and said I heard those boots were no longer made and did they have any in stock… and they did. The last pair arrived with me today. Lili, who runs the site, was really friendly, knowledgable and service minded and I have not been used to that kind of approach in my hunt for the right tall boot so I have to give it to – they really got a happy customer. It took 4 days for the boots to be delivered to me and I bought two pairs and got a discount as well :D

From now on, I know which site I will look at before looking elsewhere… but when it comes to riding boots, I have another 5 years before I need to order new ones ;-)


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