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A visit from the vet

Posted by on 02/07/2015

If you thought that Kemma is an unlucky horse, think twice.

I said the other day to the physio, Sue Portelli Demajo, “how can a horse be so unlucky?” and she responded “She is not unlucky, she is lucky to have you. Most other people would have given up long ago”. She has a point.

10 February, Kemma broke out with boils all over her body. We struggled for 9 weeks to work out what caused this allergic reaction and in the end, it was concluded that a malicious worm called “nematode” had crawled into the cavity of her eye and attacked her soft tissue. She was allergic to the dying larvae, which didn’t reach adult stage. The worms are now DEAD and Kemma in great condition. And so, I took her out to work her, she needs to get back in shape. This is 4 weeks ago… and she stepped sloppily on a trotting pole, limped a couple of steps and we kept on working for another 20 minutes. Shouldn’t have done that… she was very swollen from the fetlock and halfways up towards the knee when we got back to the stables. I chilled her and rested. After a week, I called the physio to come to give her ultrasound treatment, since I didn’t see the kind of recovery I was expecting with rest.

Ultrasound / Laser did help but after a further 2 weeks, it was clear to me that I need to get a diagnostic ultrasound made, the recovery isn’t going as well as I had hoped.

Dr Borg came today and a tendon sheet sprain was extablished, as had Sue PD already concluded, but more than that, she has damaged the lateral branch of her Superficial Digital Flexor Tendon. This means at least 3-4 months rest with treatment, then another ultrasound to establish where we’re at.

For those who haven’t seen a diagnostic ultrasound, I am showing you some photos below.

The shaved leg is the one which is damaged. I have inserted a photo of her other front leg, which is slimmer even though she isn’t shaved (!) so quite a severe swelling after 4w of rest… :-(


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