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Stables & Instructors

Montekristo Equestrian Centre

Located near Luqa (the airport) you will find newly built riding complex MonteKristo Stables.
The modern facilities include two large outdoors arenas, one of which is large enough to host international Dressage Competitions. The large arena provides the best footing currently available in Malta and since the start of 2013, most competitions have been held here due to the superior standard of the ground.

Daniel Micallef is an inhouse trainer at MonteKristo. Daniel can give private lessons to people with their own horses and will be able to offer hacks to riders with experience. Daniel offers both private and shared lessons and specialised in show jumping.
Daniel was one of the most successful competitors in Malta before moving to Germany to work with show jumpers and with training horses. He worked with Paul Schockemöhle, one of the most successful show jumpers in the world.

Above: A young Daniel competing in the Maltese Team

to contact Daniel about lessons, call 7905 8191

Riding Instructor Sarah Micallef has 4 horses for private lessons, those being one Shetland pony, a medium size pony, one large pony and two horses. Sarah’s horses are suitable for children, teenagers or adults weighing up to 65kg. Sarah offers lessons in show jumping and dressage and is a successful competitor in both disciplines herself. Sarah allows some students to compete with her horses.

Above: Sarah Micallef on Ginger

To contact Sarah about lessons, call 7904 9522

Stabling his 3 horses at Montekristo, Lawrence Ciarló offers lessons for beginners to advanced levels of dressage and show jumping. Lawrence’s horses have recently been very successful in dressage in levels up to Advanced, the highest class currently being ridden competitively in Malta.
Proven talents may get a chance to ride one of Lawrence’s well schooled horses in competitions.

Above: Lawrence Ciarló on Zilona

To contact Lawrence about lessons, call 9985 8286

Tal-Maghtab Stables

Located in the heart of Maghtab, between Naxxar, Bahar-ic-Caghaq and Bugibba, you find Tal-Maghtab Stables. The owner, Leli, is well equipped with Keratex products as well as medical products, supplements and other horse related products (no tack or clothing) and also sells hay, shavings and feeds.

The stables are connected with the largest riding arena in Malta. The arena is also available to those who stable at Tal-Maghtab Stables to let the horses loose.

Stable prices start at €68 per month, including a small paddock. DIY or full livery is offered.
The stables are private and only private lessons are offered, no tour rides available.

Above: Tal-Maghtab Stables

Buying horse products or looking to stable your horse? Call Leli on 2143 5415

The in-house trainer, Tommy Xeureb, is one of the most popular trainers in Malta for both riders and horses. Tommy is a very experienced rider and instructor who has trained, worked and competed in England, Germany and Italy apart from in Malta. Being one of the most successful competitors in show jumping and dressage in Malta himself, Tommy is the only trainer living in Malta who holds an FEI Coach [Level II] Certificate. Tommy coaches his students and their horses in both dressage and show jumping.

Tommy offers lessons to riders with their own horses; from beginners to advanced dressage and show jumpers, and on his own horses for basic schooling. Tommy may allow riders to compete on his horses, which he keeps at Tal Maghtab Stables in Maghatb.

Above: Tommy Xeureb on Kenzho du Temps

Please note that experienced riders need their own horses to take lessons with Tommy; only lightweight/beginners can ride Tommy’s horses. No children under 6 years of age.
Tommy may also visit private horse owners to give lessons.

Interested in taking lessons with Tommy? Call Tommy on 9926 0036 or email


Sunflower Equestrian Centre

Not far from Tal-Maghtab Stables, you find Sunflower Equestrian Centre. The centre is private and family operated and offers stables and training facilities to trotters, flat horses, dressage and show jumpers. A vast mix of horses, people, dogs and cats will be found at the well kempt grounds.

The owner, Pawlo, has a good supply of horse related products including some tack, medical products and supplements as well as horse feed, shavings and other horse related products.

Sunflower Equestrian Centre has a two fields for training and letting horses loose, as well as an electrically operated horse walker (pay per walk).

Stables are €70 including a small paddock. DIY and full livery is offered.

Parents can book “Pony Parties” at Sunflower Stables – Pawlo and his team have created a special room for the purpose of keeping parties, whith a bar, fridge, cooking facilities and large tables and a good Stereo for playing music of the host’s own choice.
Children of all ages are welcome, with parents, and children can ride both on horseback and in a sulky. PonyParties have become very popular and it is a nice way for children to be exposed to horses in a nice environment. A Pony Party is around 3 hours long.

To contact the owner about booking a Pony Party, or about feeds, stables or horse related products, call Pawlo on 7920 0977

Educated in Holland, Dutch Dressage rider turned instructor Marlies Diamantino offers dressage lessons for beginners to advanced riders on their own horses or on her own well trained horse, for riders over 160 cm. Riders may be allowed to compete on Marlies’ horse. Marlies can also visit horse owners at their premises for lessons.

To contact Marlies about lessons, call 9986 3795


Darmanin Equestrian (Marsa)

Right in the midst of the stables around the racetrack in Malta, you will find the Darmanins. The riding school provides lessons and scenic rides in the valley around Qormi for small groups of riders. The stable has 5 horses, 2 of which are actual Polo horses used for competing! So yes, you can also take Polo lessons, as well as lessons in dressage (up to Elementary) and show jumping (to the highest level performed in Malta), which is popular with the regular riders, who sometimes compete at local events on the riding school horses.

Above: Darmanin Stables

Lucy Darmanin, who is Welsh and trained and competed in Wales before moving to Malta and marrying a “Darmanin” is the main operator of the oldest riding school in Malta. Lucy has taken an FEI intstructor course and is happy to receive your enquiries on : or mobile 9980 6138


A Trainer who comes to you
Educated in Scotland, Horse Trainer Margot Draper specializes in re-educating horses with problems or horses which have had only a basic schooling. Margot trains horses to and competes at the highest level of dressage available in Malta. Margot comes to your stable and training facilities to help you.

Above: Margot Draper on Castizo

To contact Margot, send an email to

Lessons for beginners in Maghtab

Stabling her horses at Charlie’s Stable in Maghtab, Elaine Meli gives lessons to beginners and people with some experience who might like to go for a hack. Elaine has twice been on the team representing Malta for the WDC [World Dressage Challenge] and has competed in dressage for Malta in the Friendship Games [against Sicily]. Elaine has also gone to Italy several times to train and compete.

Above: Elaine Meli on Malespina

Elaine only gives one-to-one lessons, groups cannot apply.Riders of up to max 80kg are welcome.
To contact Elaine
, ring 7981 8080


Private Lessons in Gharghur

Claire Cuschieri has given lessons for many years. A showjumper herself, she trains intermediate-advanced students on her own horse in showjumping, or from beginners-advanced on their own horses. Claire gives lessons both to children and adults.
Claire also gives lessons in Dressage to Elementary level. Claire can visit students with own horses and studens who would like private lessons on Claire’s horsea need to make their way to Gharghur.
Claire also sells riding and horse equipment from Shire (UK).

To contact Claire,  call 9944 4929

J Vassallo Stables

Jason Vassallo has had trot horses “forever” and wanted a better farm – this is a Maltese concept where the stable and grounds are enclosed. The new stables in Mgarr were ready last summer and are “state of the art”. Now he is planning to build a 60*20 arena (well slightly larger but large enough to fit a full size dressage arena) and welcomes show jumpers and dressage horses to his stables.

Jason charges €100/month for a large stable with large paddock. Feeding twice daily is included and resident horses have free use of the horse walker and the 450m track. For full livery, the cost is €350 monthly and this includes all feeds and bedding as well as free transport to competitions for anyone stabling with Jason!

If you are interested in seeing the stables, call Jason on 79494836. You can also visit Jason’s website.

Bidnija Horse Riding (Bidnija)

In beautiful Bidnija, close to Mosta and St Paul’s Bay, you find a secluded stable with plenty of horses ready to take you on guided tours around the valley. The family operated stables are well maintained, as are the more than 25 horses working for the family.
Bidnija Horse Riding can also offer private lessons for beginners and a horse and carriage can be booked for anyone inclined in seeing Malta from a different perspective.

Above: Bidnija Stables

For contact and more info, go to

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