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Vets and Physios

Unfortunately, horses are at least as prone as human beings to injury, illness and straining of ligaments and muscles. Therefore, we need our Vets and Physios to help us keep our horses sound.

Below you will find a list of professionals who have devoted their lives to our horse’s health.

Equine Veterinaries:


Dr James Azzopardi

Educated in Perugia Italy, Dr James, as we call him, graduated in 2001. Dr James is a well established certified Equine Veterinary who practices in Malta.

To contact Dr James urgently, call or SMS 9924 0329, for less urget enquiries email


Dr Louis Borg

Dr Borg is one of our most seasoned vets in Malta. Educated in Hannover, Germany, he graduated in 1981 and practiced in Recklinghausen in Germany until 1983, after which he moved back to Malta and has been practicing Equine Veterinary here ever since.

To contact Dr Borg, call 2144 2843 or, for urgent matters, 9944 2844


Katiucha Gatt Galea
Dr Kat, as well her, graduated from the University of Thessaloniki, Greece. She completed an internship at the Philip Leverhulme Equine Hospital, one of the most prestigious Equine hospitals in Europe. She later achieved a Certificate in Equine Practice, and a Certificate in Veterinary Acupuncture. During this period she worked both in clinical practice as well as being involved in diverse research studies. Kat continued her career in the UK, in the area of private practice, seeing to recreational and competition horses. She was also involved in regular travel to Malta working predominately on race horses.  Her main areas of interest are Orthopaedics and Diagnostics. She loves our sunny island, being a local, and has recently moved on a more permanent basis to Malta.
To contact Dr Kat, call 79501501, or email

Dr Gareth Grech

Equine Veterinary

To contact Dr Grech, call 7934 7534


Dr Claes Skalin

Educated in Sweden, Dr Claes graduated a Veterinary with specialty in Equine Veterinary 1975. He spent his two first years as a general Veterinary and moved on to more or less exclusively Equine Veterinary since 1977. With a solid interest for trotting, Dr Claes has worked mainly with trot horses all his life but had two small animal clinics in Stockholm from 1978-1988. He then closed the small animal clinics and started working solely with Equine Veterinary.

Dr Claes has lived in Malta since 1994 and now works mainly with race horses but if you have problems with your horse being lame, Dr Claes is very experienced with finding and treating the underlying problem.

To contact Dr Claes, call 9947 8580


Well Being and Physiotherapy

Sue Portelli Demajo

Educated in Qeensland, Australia, Sue graduated as Specialized Veterinary Physiotherapist 2005 and has practicing in Malta since 2005. Sue works mainly with horses and dogs and has helped many of our horses recovering from strains and injuries and can also help you with preventing injuries.

Lean more about what Sue does on her website Animal Physio Malta

To contact Sue, call 7947 4433


Jane Lundin

Jane works with horses’ well being by giving them massage and acupuncture. Jane has no official education but has learnt as an apprentice. Jane is Swedish and has worked with training horses for more than 30 years.

Contact Jane on mobile 7977 9911


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