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Horse Feeds

Horse Feed, Bedding & Supplements

There are plenty of well renowned horse feed product available in Malta and several outlets.

Well known brands such as Krafft (Swedish), Baileys (British), Dengie (British), Spillers (British) and Pavo (Dutch) are widely used in Malta for sport & competition horses, while the slightly cheaper Maltese brand Andrews has a large local customer base.

Bedding: Wood shavings (Cana in Maltese) are used as bedding in most stables, seeing that Straw (Tibben in Maltese), which would be used in many stables in Northern Europe, is used to feed the horses. Genrally speaking, you get a small local bale of cana for €5 and a large for €9, while you pay €8-11 for a 20kg bale of imported cana.
Some people use shredded paper (newspaper) for bedding. This is clean for horses with respitorial problems, not dusty, and a very cheap option at €2,50 for a bale. Beware, though, some horses eat the paper and over consumption can cause problems. There is also special dust free bedding a little bit more costly than paper. For special dust free bedding “Rapport” (made in the UK), contact Tan Niger Stables.

Hay is sold in units rather than in price per kilo, meaning you pay around €13-15 for a bale of hay of 15-22kg, while you pay a lot less if you order a big bale. I have had several big bales, some more like dust or mould than like hay (!) and so far only one person has supplied me with a good and consistent quality of hay so that is the only person I will recommend for big bales. The price vary depending on supply but at the moment, I pay €140 for a 300-330kg big bale of hay, including delivery to the stable.

Alex, who imports the good hay from the UK, also sells other horse feeds like Krafft, Baileys, Dengie – and can supply that with the hay. He has a horse feed shop in Marsa, by the racetrack, called “ANTS”.

To contact Alex, call 9929 2981

Tan-Niger Stables, located close to Hal-Far, have a very well equipped horse tack and clothing shop but also supply Maltese horse keepers with feeds and additives from well renowned brands like  Emin (Swedish), Marksway UK (British) and Twydil (Switzerland). You will find dust free bedding “Rapport” for allergy probne horses from Hemp Technology UK (British) at Tan Niger Stables as well.
Tan Niger stocks fresh (packed) haylage as well as good hay by the bale.

You find Tan-Niger stables via their website which has directions and contact numbers as well.

In Marsa, next to the racetrack, you find SPJ Feeds. Owner Shawn Pete Azzopardi is happy to discuss the requirements for your horse and imports special feeds for laminatis horses produced by Spillers. SPJ Feeds is also the main importer of Swedish brand KRAFFT, which is very popular amongst racehorse trainers/owners.

To contact Shawn Pete at SPJ Feeds, call company phone 27013870 or mobile 99803870


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