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EU Passport for all horses in Malta

In line with EU rules, all horses in Malta must now have ID documents. Maltese vets are now able to help issuing an EU passport for your horse and it shouldn’t take more than 2 weeks for you to have your documents in order.

At the start of 2013, the cost of this is around €80 and with that you also get your horse micro chipped. That is a LOT CHEAPER than in most EU countries! Take the chance to get your horse’s EU passport done now to save yourself trouble and money, since that might increase soon.

Horses born in Malta, or imported to Malta before ID documentation was required, can still get passports but without their stud book confirmed. Even if you know the dam and the sire, this cannot be specified for horses born in Malta or imported without ID documentation.

I found out this information from vet Kat Galea, when helping some friends who recently aqcuired a Maltese born pony.

For a list of Equine vets in Malta, please click here.


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