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When looking for a blacksmith, you need to find someone who suits you and your horses. It is a bonus if the shoes stay on of course!

I have used a number of blacksmiths in Malta and I would say most do a good job but I have a problem horse and I have had three good blacksmiths who moved abroad (!) so I have kind of HAD to try a few. Seeing that I am happy with the blacksmith I am using, I am hoping not to try too many more but I know lots of people who are happy with every blacksmith mentioned below. Therefore, I am listing every blacksmith I know of who has predominantly happy customers – then it is up to you to see what you think. Only blacksmiths consenting to be mentioned are in the list, which probably is quite incomplete seeing as I don’t know of ALL blacksmiths in Malta.

Wenzu Magro

His father being one of the busiest and most respected farriers in Malta, Wenzu started as an apprentice with his dad, Josef, when he was only 13. As a 16-yearold, he had learnt the trade well enough to start on his own and he has now been a full time and much sought after farrier for the last 9 years.

To contact Wenzu, call 7929 7266

Zach Baldacchino

Zach is a young aspiring blacksmith who has worked as an apprentice with two blacksmiths in Malta, then trained in the USA before starting on his own in Malta. Zach does hot shoeing as well as “normal”. Zach is extremely reliable when it comes to time keeping!

Contact Zach on mobile 7980 3907 or find him on facebook Zach’s Horseshoeing

Sebastiano Gravina

Living in Sicily, this Italian has worked several years in Australia before returning to Europe. Sebastiano visits Malta bi-weekly and is an excellent farrier.

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Contact Sebastiano on 7959 6126 or find him on facebook

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