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Results 12-13 May

12-13 May 2012 was a double equestrian show.

On the Saturday, Sicilian Ugo Volpo judged the dressage. Results from both events can be found below.

Introductory (Juniors)
Yanika Farrugia Othello LVRC 53.10% 1st
Kurt Micallef Queenie LVRC 51.67%
Nicole Abela Othello LVRC 47.14%

Introductory (Adults)
Rita Buttigieg Sundancer LVRC 51.67%

Preliminary (Juniors)
Corinne Gauci Major PRC 64.14% 1st
Max Borg Ginger SFRC 63.45%
Sophie Busuttil Abby PRC 62.93%

Preliminary (Adults)
Lawrence Ciarlo Wytske Ant V PRC 67.59% 1st
Lara Selvagi Explosion PRC 64.31% 2nd
Anneli Nilsson Avikemma MRC 64.14% 3rd
Maria Vella-Galea Daffyd PRC 60.00% 4th
Seamus Kelly Vella Alosio Torinoz Z PRC 58.79%
Tommy Xuereb Storm MRC 57.93%
Luke Gauci Vito MRC 57.07%
Lucy Darmanin Sundancer LVRC 53.97%

Elementary (Juniors)
Celine Schmid Gianna MRC 70.13% 1st
Corinne Gauci Major PRC 59.65%

Elementary (Adults)
Claudio Borg Anderose MRC 60.81% 1st
Nadine Calleja El Paso PRC 57.84% 2nd
Sarah Micallef Ginger SFRC 56.76%
Lara Selvagi Explosion PRC 56.35%

Medium (Adults)
Darline Schmid Gianna MRC 68.25%


Show Jumping Competition – Sunday 13th May
60 cms (Juniors)
Kurt Micallef Queenie 1st
60 cms (Adults)
Lucy Darmanin Tottillaz 1st
Maria Vella-Galea Daffyd 2nd
Gina Curmi Sundancer 3rd
Sam Hall Avikemma
Rita Buttigieg Tammy
70 cms (Juniors)
Kurt Micallef Queenie 1st
70 cms (Adults)
Lucy Darmanin Tottillaz 1st
Sam Hall Avikemma 2nd
Gina Curmi Sundancer 3rd
Seamus Kelly Vella Alosio Polo 4th
80 cms (Juniors)
Sarah Briffa Arizona 1st
80 cms (Adults)
Seamus Kelly Vella Alosio Polo 1st
Luke Gauci Storm 2nd
Lawrence Ciarlo Torino Z 3rd
Gag Camilleri Faro 4th
Anneli Nilsson Allernoast
Redeemer Attard Crocolyrique
90 cms (Juniors)
Max Borg Ginger 1st
Sarah Briffa Arizona
90 cms (Adults)
Claudio Borg Anderose 1st
Luke Gauci Storm
Anneli Nilsson Allernoast
100 cms (Juniors)
Celine Schmid Love Parade 1st
100 cms (Adults)
Sarah Micallef Ginger 1st
Claudio Borg Anderose


110 cms (Juniors)
Celine Schmid Love Parade 1st