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MRC Championship 2012-2013

Below the current leader board of the MRC Championship 2012-2013

  MRC Championship Leader Board 2013



NAME                                             HORSE                                            CLUB                  POINTS              TOTAL

Celine Schmid                              Minnow                                             MRC                   10                        10

Corinne Gauci                              Lets Fly                                              PRC                  8                           8

Max Borg                                      Ginger                                                SFRC                 6                           6

Corinne Gauci                              Major                                                 PRC                     4                           4

Sophie Busuttil                            Abby                                                  MRC                     2                           2

Kurt Micallef                                Queenie                                            MRC                     1                           1


NAME                                             HORSE                                            CLUB                  POINTS              TOTAL

Lawrence Ciarló                          Wytske Ant V                                   MKRC                 10                        10

Anneli Nilsson                             Avikemma                                         MRC                    8                           8

Lara Selvagi                                 Explosion van Breemersen             PRC                     6                           6

Redeemer Attard                        Wolke                                                  MKRC                 4                           4

Lawrence Ciarló                          Zilona                                                 MKRC                 2                           2

Desirée Schmid                           Love Parade                                       MRC                   1                           1



(First qualifier to be held 19 January)




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