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A guide to riding horses in Malta

The purpose of this site is to inform visitors about horses, horse riding and horse riding events in Malta. The site is independent and not affiliated with any organization and is operated privately.

You will find a section with links to and descriptions of stables with horses available for lessons and guided tours as well as riding instructors working in Malta. This information is factual and published with the consent of the stables and individuals concerned.

I may inform about or recommend various stables, events, products or shops and I may not mention others. I have no intention of writing about all horse related events in Malta but only those directly related to riding horses, both recreationally and competitively but excluding any kind of horse racing.

Photos from competitions held in Malta can also be found and photographer Aldo Scicluna is supplying most of the photos in this section.

The information you find here will be correct to the best of my knowledge but opinions uttered may be bias since it is my experience and my opinion I am giving. No individual or company (apart from brand names) is mentioned on this site without their prior approval, so if you think someone is missing and should be mentioned here, it could be because they have chosen not to or yet has to confirm and/or complete the content written about them.

It is my hope that can bring more information to people. If you find the site useful, please don’t hesitate to like and/or join the site on facebook

Have a look at the video I have linked to (Youtube) to get an understanding of the power of Equestrianism and the reason I feel so strongly about helping riders find horses…


Thank you! // Anneli

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